Essential Hacks

Feb 28 2019

Beat the Afternoon Slump

Uh oh... it's that two o'clock slump. Everybody knows how it feels to come back from lunch and realize you're practically falling asleep at your desk. At that point, it's too easy to just check out and coast through the last few hours. But those hours can still be valuable if you know how to use them.

Feb 27 2019

3 Tips for Maximizing Your Listing Exposure

The right buyer is out there, looking for a home just like the one your seller has to offer. The question is: Will that buyer find you? No matter how perfect the property is, step one is getting eyes on the listing. Follow these three tips for maximizing your listing exposure. Be smart with social. You’re …

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Feb 25 2019

A Guide for Homebuyers of Any Age

Whether your homebuyer is 25 or 52, you're here to help them lock down the home of their dreams. But depending on their age group, your buyer may be facing down different obstacles. Being aware of that can help you be the best guide on this home buying journey, no matter their age. For aspiring homebuyers to those ready to retire, follow these tips to help your buyers.

Jan 30 2019

Want to Network Online? Get Comfortable

For some people, communicating online is as natural as breathing.

Jan 29 2019

The Right Way to Choose Resolutions

You might think you’re going to achieve your New Year’s resolutions — but statistically, you probably won’t.

Jan 25 2019

Boost Curb Appeal in a Weekend

First impressions are hard to shake, which is why curb appeal is such a key element to control when selling a home.

Jan 24 2019

How to Solve 3 Last-Minute Closing Obstacles

Buyer, seller, Loan Officer, Realtor… no matter what role you play in a real estate transaction, closing delays are a nightmare.

Dec 17 2018

Don’t Let Email Take Over Your Workday

These days, your business practically lives in your email inbox. But as key as email is, it can also kill your productivity if you let it. Here are three ways to keep on top of email without letting it consume your day.

Dec 16 2018

How to Cope with Holiday Stress

When you were a kid, winter break was the ultimate freedom: Full of unscheduled time for fun! Of course, between managing the gift-giving and family gathering and wrapping up the business year at work, the holidays now often mean the opposite. Here are three simple tips for keeping your holidays low-stress, so you can enjoy the season.

Dec 15 2018

Create a Next-level Listing

You know the listing basics: great photos, highlight the strongest features, talk about amenities… this isn’t your first rodeo. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cowboys out there with a few rodeos under their belt. So how do you go beyond the basics and make sure your listing stands out? Here are a few tips to take your listing to the next level.
Jim Passi - Citiwide Home Loans

Jim Passi
Regional Manager
NMLS# 158000

1284 West Northwest Hwy.
Palatine, IL 60067
Mobile: 847-899-1813

In short, Jim was a

In short, Jim was a pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable, personable, and never in a rush, he took the time to make the daunting process of getting a home loan understandable. In addition to the considerable professional knowledge he brought to the table, he was able to provide real peace of mind by establishing a real relationship. Knowing that Jim was in my corner allowed me to focus on other more important matters during a hectic time.

Thanks Jim for all your support. See you at my next closing!

Joshua C.