Video is No Longer Optional

A few years ago, using video in your marketing would put you ahead of the curve. These days, if you aren’t using it, you’re behind. Video has gone from a standout feature in a marketing strategy to a staple. A whopping one third of the time people spend online is spent watching video. That means if you’re not using it, you’re locked away from one third of your audience at any given time. So why aren’t you taking advantage of it? Here are some of the most common complaints (and why they’re bad excuses):

  1. Video is too expensive. You don’t need a Hollywood production team to have great video! There are a ton of resources these days for DIY video, and video marketing companies are popping up everywhere with competitive rates.
  2. You aren’t comfortable on camera. With a little practice, you can hone that skill just like any other. But if you truly don’t want to be on camera, that’s fine – text-based videos can be just as successful. Plus, on platforms like Facebook, many people are viewing the video on mute anyway.
  3. Your industry isn’t into video. No matter what your industry is, that’s simply not true. Video has become ubiquitous across the internet, whether you’re marketing custom cupcakes or computer servers. Every industry is made up of people, and the numbers show that people like video.

Video marketing is only going to become more and more necessary. Make today the day that you create a plan to implement video into your marketing strategy.

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Jim Passi provides it ALL!

Jim Passi provides it ALL! It took me over a year to find a property that ideally met all of the needs of my family. In that time, I did extensive research and worked with several lenders. I was very surprised – and equally disappointed, that it was just as difficult to find a knowledgeable, professional, responsive and conscientious lender as it was to find our dream home! Jim is a rare gem! In an age where even satisfactory Customer Service seems harder to come by, Jim takes pride in taking “outstanding” to an unbelievable level! The property I purchased was a modest short sale (under $150K), – and nothing about that process is short! From the beginning – to EVEN AFTER THE CLOSING, Jim treated me like I was a million-dollar client 🙂 He’s the epitome of having an entire support team wrapped up in one person and I honestly don’t know how he squeezes everything into a day! He was genuinely enthusiastic in offering valuable advice, based on both his experience and expertise, which gave me solid direction to reducing my debt and increasing my assets to qualify me for the best programs and rates. He THOROUGHLY explained all of my options, consistently and expeditiously updated me throughout the process, AND was inhumanly patient with every question, every time. On top of it all, he is analytically brilliant with a head for numbers that is nothing short of amazing! Not only would I use Jim Passi for future refinancing and purchases, I refer him every chance I get!

THANK YOU for all of your dedication and concern, Jim!!

Lisa B.