Boost Curb Appeal in a Weekend

First impressions are hard to shake, which is why curb appeal is such a key element to control when selling a home. Unfortunately, many of the major improvements to curb appeal are also major expenses. Here are a few quick-and-easy tricks to improve a home’s exterior without a big investment.

  • Clean it — No need to spring for new siding if a good power-washing will make it look new. Driveways and sidewalks also build up grunge over time that a good cleaning can erase. And don’t forget to clean the inside and outside of the windows!
  • Hide the utilitarian — There’s plenty on the outside of a house that serves a function but doesn’t look pretty. Hiding trash and recycling bins behind a fence, concealing a garden hose, and strategically landscaping or decorating to conceal vents or plumbing can help a house look neater.
  • Invest in the details — An old porch light, outdated house numbers, or an unattractive mailbox can drag down an otherwise beautiful house. By the same token, replacing those things can elevate the whole look.
  • Try some trim — Painting the trim around doors and windows or even adding some colorful shutters can completely makeover a house’s face.
  • Add flower pots or boxes — Landscaping can be expensive, but you can bring some of that same color and energy in a snap with flower pots or flower boxes.

With a quick trip to the hardware store and a free weekend, these small-seeming changes can make a big difference in what first impression potential homebuyers take away.

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