How Does the New 2018 Tax Law Affect Homeowners?

Do you own a home? New tax laws are being implemented for 2018. See how these new laws may affect you.
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4 Questions to Boost Your Success This Year

For your most successful year ever, ask yourself the following four questions.
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6 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

Pay more than the minimum. Paying the minimum just covers the interest. Paying over the minimum can help credit scores. Pay on time. Late payments can hurt credit scores. For help, sign up for notifications from creditors, your bank or online services. Keep balances below 30% of your limit. If your limit is $3,000, your …

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Jim Passi - Citiwide Home Loans

Jim Passi
Regional Manager
NMLS# 158000

1300 East Woodfield Road, Suite 302
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Mobile: 847-899-1813

Jim Passi works very hard for his clients

Jim Passi works very hard for his clients. If your credit score is not where it needs to be, Jim will kindly instruct you on ways to improve it until you are ready to qualify for a loan. My family and I now own a home due to his due diligence. We definitely recommend his services to all.
Keisha H.