Home Selling: Master the Open House with These 3 Facts

You can put up flyers, you can bake cookies, you can have the world’s best online listing, but once you get people in the door for an open house, your success depends not on gimmicks, but on your ability to show potential buyers that the property is right for them. One of the most effective ways to do that is to be prepared to answer those big questions that will make or break a deal. Here are three facts you should know inside and out for each property:

  1. What’s the price? You need to be able to do more than just parrot the number off of the listing. Potential buyers will be impressed if you can give them information about how the price was chosen and compare it to similar properties currently for sale. It’s also smart to be prepared to offer up estimates of monthly carrying costs, like utilities and property tax.
  2. How’s the area? Potential buyers may be curious about the local grocery stores, parks, schools, mall, and more. Is public transit easily accessible from the property? Being able to easily answer these kind of questions will help set their mind at ease.
  3. What makes this property special? Make sure you’re prepared to discuss recent renovations and appealing amenities in detail. It’s imperative to have an elevator pitch ready so you can quickly show a potential buyer what sets this property apart from other comparable ones.

Everyone says to “do your research” before an open house, but knowing what to research is half the battle! With these three topics under your belt, you’ll be prepared to wow everyone who attends your open house.

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