4 Ways to Create Welcoming Listing Photos

Listing photos have to show viewers what the house is all about: how it looks from both outside and in, how many rooms there are and what kind of light they get, the quality and modernity of appliances, and more. But they have another job beyond the functional one. They also need to make viewers want to check out the property and learn more. To do this, it’s important that your listing photos give off a welcoming vibe.

  1. Change the Point of View. It’s a good idea to get a shot of the entryway to show off the front porch and the door, so why not crack that door open to give viewers a tantalizing peek at the interior, and make them feel subtly invited in?
  2. Take the sellers out of the picture. You want potential buyers to be able to picture themselves living in the home — which is hard to do when someone else is living there. Make sure listing photos don’t include the seller’s family, pets, or family photos. This will help viewers feel invited to insert their own family and lifestyle into the space.
  3. Leave the lights on. Most exterior listing photos are shot in the daytime but consider adding an exterior photo shot at night. The warm glow of the interior lights can make a home look especially cozy!
  4. Minimal doesn’t have to mean cold. In general, good staging means decluttering. But a minimal home can still be cozy! Rugs and soft furniture, warm colors in the decor, and a warm tone to the images can all help send a welcoming message to viewers.

Listing photos should make a house look beautiful, but they should also make a house look like a home! These four tips will help bring a feeling of warmth to any property.

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