Four Steps to Writing the Perfect Email

Does every email you send get the response you want? Does every email you get deserve a response? We all send and receive a high volume of emails each day, but if everyone were a little better at writing them, they’d be a lot easier to manage. Here are four easy steps to writing an email that can get the job done — whatever the job is.

  1. Make sure you need to send it. Nobody likes getting emails that waste their time. Before you hit “compose,” make sure you’ve done absolutely everything you can on your own.
  2. Write an engaging subject. Don’t be afraid to use the subject line as the first sentence of the email. Tell them why you’re emailing, and give them a reason to click “open” instead of “delete.”
  3. Be straightforward and succinct. We’re all busy, and no one has time for a rambling email. Get straight to the point right up front, and keep the body of the email brief enough to read quickly — or they may not read it at all.
  4. Tell the recipient why they should care (although maybe not in so many words!) Why should this person spend their valuable time and energy on you? Make sure they know why it’s worth it to respond.

Email is a staple form of communication in the business world. But unlike a phone call or a face-to-face meeting, it’s all too easy to ignore if the email isn’t written in the right way. Learning to craft an email that grabs and keeps the reader’s attention will serve you in all facets of your business life!

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First time home buyer here

First time home buyer here who did it all without the adult supervision/guidance (i.e. my parents) , and I was clueless. I did my best to look into things before hand but I knew the very basics. Jim and his team were AMAZING! Jim took the time to explain the step-by-step process involved and explained it in a way that I understood. He also made sure I understood what he was saying by “quizzing” me. There was never any annoyance/aggravation in his tone even if he had to go over something 2 or 3 times. Always professional and always kind. Jim and his team were prompt with their email responses and made the whole process go smoothly. I also appreciated that Jim would reach out to me via phone and made sure I understood where we were in the process. This made for a great first time home buying experience! Highly recommend this group!